Book review: Tactics by Gregory Koukl

“Tactics” by Gregory Koukl has quickly become one of my all-time favourite apologetic books and is a must read for anyone hoping to get into apologetics, or even for those who already consider themselves apologists. Before I began reading, I honestly did not expect to learn anything from this book. How quickly was I shown wrong! My love for apologetics had somewhat faded prior to my reading this book, being eclipsed by a recent interest in theology and doctrine. Upon reading, I have experienced a renewed desire to both engage in apologetics with non-believers and to increase my knowledge of the defence of the faith. If you are a more timid person, fearful to contradict others or to begin a conversation about your faith, this book is an absolute must. I used to be so afraid to engage others, never knowing what to say, so I said nothing at all. After looking into apologetics I knew what to say but no idea how to say it. “Tactics” addresses these issues and more, such as how far do you allow a conversation to go before it’s considered casting your pearls before swine? When to retreat and when to stand your ground? The book also strongly encourages, as do I, that you actually use this knowledge of how to communicate with others and practice them. One thing this book will not do is magically make you an excellent debater or conversationalist. The knowledge you will gain through this book is invaluable but ultimately useless should you give up after one uncomfortable conversation. It will take effort, and won’t be easy, but this book will equip you to engage the culture in which you live and plant seeds for the kingdom.

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  1. My wife and I loved this book.

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