Book Review: Biblical Christianity: Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

Biblical Christianity: the Institutes of the Christian Religion” is the first book I’ve read in the Grace Essentials series, and I was actually rather impressed with it. Calvin’s institutes has been on my to-be-read list for quite a while, but I was intimidated by the size, not wanting to make the commitment to reading it just yet. Enter this 150 page essentials book, which retains the charm, readability, and essence of the beloved “Institutes of the Christian Religion” while making it available to younger readers and those who prefer light reading. If you are intimidated by the size of the big one like I was, this book is for you. Or perhaps you are a younger reader, or know one, who would benefit from the size and easy reading level of this book. Maybe you’re a student with little time to spare for such a task as reading the Institutes. In any case, I recommend this book as both a primer and a stand-alone if you simply cannot devote the time necessary to the unabridged version. It is ultimately no replacement for the knowledge contained in John Calvin’s original, but it is certainly worth the read!

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