How I Get Free Review Copies of Books

How I Get Free Review Copies of Books

A lot of publishers will give copies of their books to bloggers in exchange for their fair and honest reviews (hence the disclaimer at the bottom of each of my reviews). I’ve talked to a few people about where I get the copies of books that I review and I always like to give my experience with reviewing for publishers and tips for getting approved to review! So that’s what this is, a post with the publishers I review for and advice I would give from my experience.

  • NetGalley is one of my favourites. They only have e-books available which deterred me at first, but I’ve since found I love using them. You can request multiple titles at once and send them directly to your kindle or download a pdf. Many publishers use NetGalley to exchange copies for reviews, so there is a lot to select from. I would recommend starting an account with them for first time book review bloggers because it’s not so strict on deadlines (though you should still try to stay on schedule) and it will give you experience and allow you to read while you grow your following to meet requirements for other review programs. They also have multiple genres to choose from, not just Christian books.
  • Booklook is about to change their name, at which point I will update this with the new information. This is Harper Collins’ Christian division review program, so they host publishers like Thomas Nelson, Westbow Press, and Zondervan. Their requirements are listed when you sign up. The main ones I remember are a minimum of 30 followers and a weekly updated blog. I had trouble getting accepted to this because they are very strict on their weekly blogging requirement. I posted roughly once every 8-9 days, but it’s apparently strictly at least every 7 days. If they deny your application initially you are able to reapply.
  • Crossway also has a review program. They don’t give physical copies of their books, but they do give physical copies of their Bibles. I love this publisher as they usually publish solid material. They require you have an actively maintained blog for a minimum of 6 months, and at least 50 followers. Their requirements are on their page as well.
  • Moody is another good publisher in my opinion. I love their review program because they have titles available for review from as far back as 2014, which means there are many pages of books to scroll through and request. I’m not sure what their requirements are since they do not have them listed on the site, but I applied for their program about 5 months after starting my blog with a visible 500 followers. This is a program I enjoy so I would recommend that new book bloggers grow their following before applying.
  • Baker Books is a division of Baker Publishing Group. They have other programs as well here that I either haven’t been interested in or have been rejected from. Also on the site is an option for individual review copy requests. I don’t remember the requirements for Baker Books, but it was one of the first ones I joined with likely less than 20 followers so it is another good one for new bloggers. They send out emails once every few months with an option to request titles.
  • Hendrickson Publishers send out a catalogue with titles available for review. This is another publisher that does not post their requirements. You can email them to ask for copies without joining their program, though. Hendrickson Rose is a little different and does not send physical copies, but the regular (linked) program does.
  • InterVarsity Press is another one of my favourites. They have beautiful covers and are rather generous with their review copies. I requested from them early on in my blog when I had very few followers. IVP doesn’t have an actual program for bloggers but you can request titles individually.
  • B & H requires that you have a minimum of 25 posts to join. To my knowledge, this is the only requirement and it doesn’t matter how many followers or days a week that you post. They update their books for review every month.

Other Publishers, including those my blog has been rejected from, that I don’t normally request from, or that I have never requested from are: Paraclete Press, Book Crash, Kregel, Eerdmans, Ambassador, Worthy Publishing, Lexham Press

Most of these publishers require you to have a blog where you can post reviews, however there are some that allow other platforms (Vlogs, Podcasts, etc.) and you can always email them to ask if not.

Book blogging has been a really exciting part of my life recently as I’ve been able to grow my knowledge (and library) and practice discernment for free. So I wanted to share this with my followers who may be considering blogging about books. I mean, who doesn’t love free books?

If you have any other publishers you review for, share them in the comments!

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  1. Awesome post! Let me add that you can ask directly to the author if you want a review copy. Twitter is the best place to ask the author. Also by participating on the author’s book launch team 😄

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