Book Review: Saving the Reformation

Book Review: Saving the Reformation

This is a guest review by Nick Campbell.

On November 13th , 1618, in Dordrecht, Holland, delegates would meet to address the Remonstrance of 1610. The Remonstrance of 1610 caused a significant controversy with its five theological points and it was the mission of the Synod of Dort to reply to the challenge of the Remonstrants, who would later be known as Arminians. While a confession of faith did not emerge from the Synod, nor a complete summery of Reformed Theology, the Canons of Dort provided, “five answers to the five errors of Arminianism.”

Dr. Robert Godfrey, brings forth this history surrounding the Synod of Dort in while also walking readers through the Canons of Dort. Dr. Godfrey establishes the history prior to the meeting at Dordrecht, and then proceeds to walk readers through the Canons of Dort, with explanations to each section in wonderful detail. Godfrey breaks down the carefully crafted document while providing readers with a better understanding of, not only history, but the challenges that remain today. Within this work we learn that many of the same discussions that occurred in the 17th century remain front and center, and thus we learn how the delegates at the Synod sought to handle those discussions.

In this book, both Arminians and Calvinists can find a great deal of knowledge that can better inform their own personal histories and encourage more understanding of the other’s position. For those who are Reformed and who have studied the Canons of Dort, you can expect to deepen your understanding of the events at Dordrecht in some shape or form. Additionally, the book offers a more modern reading of the Canons of Dort, while also providing interesting Appendices that can help inform the reader of the history prior to the Synod as well as inform the reader of the structure and nature of the canons.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book for those who are interested in church history as well as those who are reformed or wanting to better understand the reformed position. While my recommendation is specific in one sense, I would say that all Christians would benefit from learning about this historic event and document, especially in having a more balanced understanding of reformed theology in the context of church history.

An e-copy of this book was provided to the reviewer in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About the Reviewer. Nick Campbell is head of the ministry “Christ is the Cure” which has a focus on theology, apologetics, and resources for growth for believers in Christ. His heart is set on bringing back an interest in theology because of how rich the subject is for the believer. You can listen to the show and learn more by going to or you can check out some of the content on the Instagram page

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