Bible Review: NKJV, Wiersbe Study Bible, Genuine Leather, Brown, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print

Bible Review: NKJV, Wiersbe Study Bible, Genuine Leather, Brown, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print

I have the pleasure to review the Wiersbe Study Bible twice, with two different covers. The review of the notes will be the same on both reviews, but the review of the physical part of the Bible will match my opinion of each individual Bible. This review is for the NKJV, Wiersbe Study Bible, Genuine Leather, Brown, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print. You can find the review for the NKJV, Wiersbe Study Bible, Leathersoft, Black, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print here.

Physical Review

The brown leather cover is high quality. The gold leaf on the outer portion of the pages matches the overall aesthetic of the Bible very well. The only thing I do not like about the Bible is a bright blue ribbon bookmark. There are three total, two brown and one cobalt blue, which I think might be more at home in a less neutral-toned Bible.

One thing I enjoy about the Bible is how flat it lays. It is not floppy, but that is to be expected from a cowhide Bible. The text is a good size to read, especially since I have trouble with reading smaller fonts.

Study Notes Review

For fans of Warren Wiersbe, this Bible will be delight. For those unsure who Wiersbe is, this Study Bible will acquaint them with the wisdom this man has shared with the world since he began writing.

I am honestly uncertain what soteriology he holds, but he does seem to hold a high view of God’s sovereignty, and affirms the deadness of man in his sin before regeneration and that salvation is of the Lord.

While there are many notes on doctrine, there is also an emphasis on practical application and what certain passages mean for the individual doing the study. This is beneficial since it is not only the things you need to know about God and salvation, but also things to keep in your mind and heart as you live the Christian life.

  • Thousands of verse-by-verse notes by Dr. Wiersbe
  • Hundreds of Catalyst notes which more deeply reveal important biblical themes and character issues to motivate transformation by the Holy Spirit through the Word
  • Book introductions featuring Dr. Wiersbe’s historical background, themes, and practical lessons for each book of the Bible
  • “Be transformed” section in each book introduction specifically pointing to the life-changing impact of that particular part of Scripture
  • Thousands of cross references, showing the connections throughout the Bible
  • Concordance with key words for deeper word study
  • Full-color maps
  • Clear and readable 10.5-point NKJV Comfort Print®

I received a copy of this Bible from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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