February 2019 Reads

February 2019 Reads


  • “Long Before Luther” by Nathan Busenitz. Shows where certain essential reformation doctrines such as the imputation of Christ’s righteousness, and sola fide can be found throughout church history prior to the reformation. Recommended? Yes.
  • “The Beginning of Deliverance” by Eve Matheny. The testimony of Eve Matheny, which speaks about things like her experience with the occult and how the Lord led her out of her lifestyle, how he has delivered her, and the lessons she has learned. Recommended? Yes.
  • “Basics of the Reformed Faith” by Kim Riddlebarger. A concise yet thorough look at the basics of reformed theology. Recommended? Yes.

Bibles, devotionals and children’s books

  • “Living in the Light” by Johnny Hunt. A year-long daily devotional by previous president of the SBC Johnny Hunt and 51 other authors. It contains selected scripture and devotionals from a variety of people. Recommended? I am hesitant to recommend 52 authors at once. I generally do not like devotionals and this was no exception.
  • “God, I Know You’re There” by Bonnie Jensen. A cute book featuring beautiful artwork. It contains a poem about things in nature that we cannot see or touch but we know there are there. It uses this to help kids think about how we cannot see God, but we know he is there. Recommended? With the guidance of a theologically sound grown-up to explain.

Books on sacraments by Presbyterian men named “Guy”

  • “Baptism” by Guy M. Richards. A look at the Presbyterian or paedobaptist view of baptism. Recommended? Yes.

Some reviews to look out for coming soon are “Foundations of the Christian Faith,” “Devotedly,” “Jesus Calling,” and others.

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