Geo Teal 2020 Church Pocket Book With Lectionary

Geo Teal 2020 Church Pocket Book With Lectionary

This little diary calendar, the “Church Pocket Book with Lectionary: Geo Teal” covers the upcoming year of our Lord 2020. It begins on December 1, 2019 on the first Sunday of Advent and goes through January 2, 2021. Throughout the year, the pocket book contains the names of significant days for the Christian calendar, such as Christmas, Trinity Sunday, Pentecost, Lent, as well as the lesser known festivals. If you aren’t familiar with the liturgical days, this calendar could be a fun way to learn about the various holidays and celebrations that have been traditionally celebrated among the church.

The Lectionary with the scripture references for the day can be found in the second half of the book. The titles of Sundays and dates of festivals correspond to the Common Worship Calendar and Lectionary and the Book of Common Prayer. There are also spaces for notes and addresses.

It’s similar to an average calendar, but I love that instead of moon phases and national holidays, it’s specifically Christian. I know of some people who have used the Lectionary readings as a sort of devotional guide.

This is the Geo Teal, but it also comes in a few other colours. I chose the Geo Teal because it’s a nice shade and cute pattern. The calendar also has two ribbon markers, one white and the other silver which complement it nicely.

The size fits really well in the palm of my hand and I’m not certain what the material for the cover is but it’s really smooth and I love it.

This could be a nice gift for a Christian friend who likes to stay organized or to write down a couple thoughts a day. It’ll be my go-to for 2020 since I like to have the physical calendar to organize my schedule and will also probably use the scripture references listed in the Lectionary as a devotional aid.

Many thanks to SPCK for sending me a copy in exchange for my fair and honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, all opinions are my own.

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