Bible Infographics for Kids Volume 2

With Christian kid’s books I’m never sure what to expect. Is it going to be biblically sound? Will there be weird unbiblical things that require further explanation? I’m always on the lookout for resources for my nephew and my own future family that will be sound and help develop a biblical basis for the children in my sphere of influence. So it’s a delight when I find something that meets my criteria for a good children’s book! The main things I look for are:

  • Is it biblically accurate?
  • Is it educational?
  • Is the artwork attractive?

The first two are the most important, but I’m glad to have discovered Bible Infographics for Kids Volume 2 which answers all three questions positively.

Right off the bat, I took note of a page on the Holy Trinity. I absolutely love it. So many parents struggle to relay such a mysterious, yet important doctrine to their children, but unfortunately fall into accidental heresy when they try to explain it. These two pages explain what the Trinity is (Equal, distinct, one) with scripture proofs while also explaining what the Trinity is not like (Water, the sun, a shamrock). It even shares a little bit of historical speculation that St. Nicholas punched Arius at the Council of Nicaea.

There is also a page introducing kids to the union of the two natures of Christ. As with the rest of the infographic book, the page contains excellent explanations that are both accurate and clear enough for a child to understand.

Note for those with certain convictions: there are pictures of Jesus.

I was at first concerned by the cover that there would be a sort of dualism in the dichotomy of light and dark, but it doesn’t take long after reading this book to discover it is thoroughly accurate, thoroughly biblical, and is very clear that God and Satan are not on equal ground.

There’s a lot of really great information in this Bible infographics book. It spans from biblical landmarks, to Bible heroes and villains, the kingdom of God compared to the empires of man, the wealth of Solomon and what he did with that wealth, the cycle of sin in the book of Judges, the rise of the early church to battles fought in scripture.

I think my favourite thing about this is that it isn’t just fun information, it’s also useful information. While there are certainly fun things like a search and find picture for interactive learning and I’m sure kids will love to point at various animal pictures to compare them to the biblical behemoth or unicorn (rhinoceros), there is a lot to learn that will actually help them as they study the Bible. It does not shy away from sobering truths such as what happens when we die, including unbelievers. The book contains information on angels, demons, heaven, hell, and the new heavens and the new earth.

The Bible Infographics for Kids (Volume 2) is a fabulous resource for kids as an aid to help children study the Bible. It’s definitely something I would recommend for parents looking to teach their kids how to study scripture.

Many thanks to Harvest Publishers for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

2 responses to “Bible Infographics for Kids Volume 2”

  1. Love the Trinity page! I always cringe when people use one of the “classic” illustrations to try to explain it…And Nicholas smacking Arius might be my favorite (possibly true) Santa Claus story!

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