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The Glory of Grace

The Puritans have been likened to giant Redwoods. It’s not that we are standing on their shoulders so much as in their shadows. While plenty of quality material is being published in the modern day, there is a reason the Puritans are still read and loved by pastors, theologians, and laymen. The language used may be a little difficult to understand, but the wisdom contained in the works of the Puritans is timeless.

Thankfully, the Glory of Grace by Lewis Allen and Tim Chester edits the language of the puritans gently, retaining the original beauty and insight of the Puritan authors, but increasing readability. They’ve also added helpful headings in the content to introduce the argument. The end of each chapter also offers suggestions for further reading.

In this 200 page volume you will find excerpts from many well-known men and one woman from the 16th and 17th centuries. The Glory of Grace serves as an excellent introduction to the works of the Puritans. Each chapter contains information about a single person, who they are and some of their circumstances, what to look out for in your reading, and then the actual reading of the Puritans themselves.

Readers will be experience the wisdom of John Owen on communion with God, contentment with Jeremiah Burroughs, Richard Sibbes on Assurance, Thomas Boston on the Bible, the rich poems of Anne Bradstreet and 6 other amazing authors. Over all, this is a very well put together book on the Puritans, the perfect introduction to their insight. Each chapter offers real wisdom so that the reader doesn’t merely walk away thinking “I know more about the Puritans now” but walks away enriched and personally better for it.

Many thanks to Banner of Truth for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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