A Proverb a Day in Biblical Hebrew

Students of Hebrew are probably familiar with Jonathan G. Kline, if only by knowledge of his name. You may recognize his prior works Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew in Two Minutes a Day and its Greek and Aramaic counterparts. These books can be helpful for retaining and refreshing your knowledge of biblical languages. Kline has compiled and edited another book: A Proverb a Day in Biblical Hebrew. In this work you will find the original Hebrew (with vowel marks), transliteration, the literal meaning of the words and translation of all but 10 of the Proverbs of Solomon (Proverbs 10 through 22).

Like the Biblical Languages in Two Minutes a Day series, A Proverb a Day in Biblical Hebrew spans over the course of 365 days, making it perfect to study exactly one proverb a day, taking the day to stop and meditate and truly meditate on its meaning.

There were many notations that I did not understand at this point in time in my study of Hebrew, so I think it would be more suited for a more advanced audience. This book is a tool for learning and reading the language and will certainly benefit the student of Hebrew in this sense. This does not mean, however, that there is nothing to be gained for those with little or no experience in the Biblical Language. I hope to get more from it the deeper I study Hebrew, but I still find it challenging in a good sense and engaging.

The Hebrew text used in the book is taken from the Michigan-Claremont-Westminster Electronic Hebrew Bible with some corrections using the Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia when Kline found the latter to be better. There is a wealth of technical information on what all went into the book in the preface.

Where there are more than one possible renderings of the Hebrew words Kline has included other possibilities, helping the reader grasp some of the complexity. There is also a full Hebrew study guide in the back for reference which is fascinating to glance at even for the most casual of bookworms.

I think this book would be ideal for those who actually have a grasp on the language and seeking a tool to aid their journey further, and excellent for others to simply admire the beautiful and multi-layered language God chose for his word and to reflect on the wisdom found in its pages.

Many thanks to Hendrickson Publishers for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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