A Byzantine Christian Discusses Books on Her Path to Theosis.

  • A Proverb a Day in Biblical Hebrew

    Students of Hebrew are probably familiar with Jonathan G. Kline, if only by knowledge of his name. You may recognize his prior works Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew in Two Minutes a Day and its Greek and Aramaic counterparts. These books can be helpful for retaining and refreshing your knowledge of biblical languages. Kline has […]

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  • The Story of the Cosmos

    I think just about everyone loves space. I know of multiple people, myself included, who have at one point in their childhood considered becoming an astronomer or cosmologist (or astronaut). The Story of the Cosmos is perfect for just such people. To be honest, a lot of the scientific stuff kind of went over my […]

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  • The Glory of Grace

    The Puritans have been likened to giant Redwoods. It’s not that we are standing on their shoulders so much as in their shadows. While plenty of quality material is being published in the modern day, there is a reason the Puritans are still read and loved by pastors, theologians, and laymen. The language used may […]

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  • Above All

    The word gospel is somewhat of a buzzword these days, with little meaning. It’s something churches sprinkle on things to make things sound “hip, up-to-date, and theologically certified.” But the gospel is so much more than a cool label. It is the power of God unto salvation. In Above All, Southern Baptist president J. D. […]

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