A Byzantine Christian Discusses Books on Her Path to Theosis.

  • Bible Infographics for Kids Volume 2

    With Christian kid’s books I’m never sure what to expect. Is it going to be biblically sound? Will there be weird unbiblical things that require further explanation? I’m always on the lookout for resources for my nephew and my own future family that will be sound and help develop a biblical basis for the children […]

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  • Plugged In

    Every so often there is a new book that I really really love. It may not be incredibly groundbreaking, but it makes me see something in a new light or it influences the way I think about something or change how I do something. Plugged In by Daniel Strange is one of those books. The […]

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  • CSB Worldview Study Bible, Brown Leather

    Worldviews come a dime a dozen in this day and age. Opinions, politics, and all sorts of narratives are being fed to us daily every time we turn on the T.V., read a book, or check social media. As Christians, we have to differentiate between what is good and true and what is not. That’s […]

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  • Monthly Reads July

    This month has been a lazy summer month indeed. I managed to read 4 books (as opposed to my average which is somewhere around 7-10 per month) and reviewed one Bible. Next month will be more diligent because I have more review deadlines and maybe a little bit more free time. As always, below are […]

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